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Build Resilience.  Strengthen yourself. Connect Your Roots.  Grow.

Trees are magnificent. For example, Redwoods stand 150-300 feet tall, yet their roots are only 15-20 feet in depth. These giants grow great heights and great widths because they connect their roots together.  This woven network provides them the strength they need to grow and the strength they need to endure.    Kathy Urschell, 2004

Education & learning are like trees, supported by a strong foundation of knowledge, skills, & abilities, weaved by a network of companions who share the same endeavors.  These foundations and networks will help you cultivate yourself, letting you develop great heights too.  

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Our Approach

In today's technological and real worlds, information is everywhere. Exposure to information is not learning.  Learning is a process that results in new knowledge, skills, and abilities.  Education is the way we navigate our learning. 

Our program strives to help you emerge from the cloud of information inundation, helping you navigate your personal and professional learning.  Our content focuses on authentic, efficient, and evidence-based information that is relevant to your professional or personal learning experiences.  

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“If you learn, teach. If you get, give.”
Maya Angelou

Program Pillars

Using a Hybrid Learning Approach, learn in person and online.

Various Learning Paths

We provide Integrative Health education for allied health professionals, personal wellness, community health, and youth empowerment. 

Using a hybrid approach with online & in-person learning, we implement genuine & authentic learning experiences.  Learning is authentic & practical.

We connect.

Content & 

Education content is current and supported by the advisement or participation of adept professionals using an evidenced-based format. 

Learning and content are architected & navigated by our instructors who implement diverse methods to support participants of all levels of understanding and experiences.    

We support.

Professional Integrative Health Education

Education for health professionals through CE classes and post class support.  Programs include clinical massage CE classes, physical therapy CE classes, self care education, and more.  Massage therapy CE classes are NCBTMB approved in all states including NY.  PT CE classes are approved by the New York State Office of Professions.    PTs in other states and allied health care providers are welcome to review classes and explore eligibility for continuing education according to their State's guidelines. 

Personal Integrative Wellness Development

Learning designed to support both your personal health & wellness.  Using an evidence-based approach, content supports the BioPsychoSocial Model of Care.   Content focuses on complementing your current health planning and empowering you.   Navigation of classes is designed to support efficient learning and achieve realistic outcomes.  Programs include Tending to My Tree Wellness Program.  

Youth Integrative Health Empowerment

Preparing today's youth for tomorrow's world.  Content derives from our Compassion in Action experiences in our community.  Given most of our educators are parents, it made sense to include youth in the trajectory of learning.  We use our talents and familial interests as inspiration.  Projects are collaborative with youth organizations and designed for use by any interested youth group, class or organization.   

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