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Our Vision

Our vision is to create an intersection between patients, community organizations, allied health clinicians, and massage therapists.  
From the beginning, our program dedicated efforts to education, outreach, & awareness.  We are more than education, we are outreach & community action. 
  • Our program fosters pro-bono services for sheltered Veterans & other patient populations.
  • Our program provides Warrior Hands Training free of class fees for Veteran Massage Therapists
  • Our program donates proceeds to VSOs such as Clear Path for Veterans Family Program and Dry Hooch.  These donations help organizations provide massage therapy and wellness services for the benefactors. 
  • We provide pro-bono wellness & education events for non-profits in our local community such as David's Refuge and Clear Path for Veterans.
  • We provide massage therapy and other wellness services to patient populations and front-line medical workers facing compassion fatigue.
  • We provide free on-line Girl Scout & youth classes. 
  • With the expansion of the perinatal education program we will expand our support of massage for parents that live with severe anxiety and depression.  
  • Many of our students have a history of Compassion before and after joining our program.

Our hands reach far....

Compassionate Outreach

Veteran, massage therapist, and educator
Julia is from California and joined us for our Warrior Hands program which provided a 40 hour CE program free for Veteran LMTs from across the country.  She bonded with other Veteran massage therapists at the program who share the same journey.  She credits the experience as supporting her personal development as a Veteran, as much as her professional development as a massage therapist. She now relays her experience & learning with her patients and her students.  
Leo & Fran
Clear Path Clinic Guest and Massage CE Student
Our program was founded on a the principal "the patient makes the best teacher."   For five years we taught our classes at Clear Path through an immersion program, bringing students and patients together through a pro bono clinic.    We've hosted over 900 clinical services at Clear Path and two active duty military bases in New York State.   Pictured are Fran mother of military service member, with Leo, may he rest in peace. 
Tess & Dave
Van Keuren Home & Dry Hooch
Proceeds from our program have helped to fund pro bono services to Veterans without a home at the Van Keuren home in Syracuse and through Dry Hooch in Wisconsin.  We aligned our service times at Van Keuren during Syracuse VA clinician visits to the home, embodying an Integrative Medicine Model of Care.    Pictured here are massage therapists Tess and Dave, members of the Syracuse VA, and Dave from Van Keuren home.  After a COVID pause, our program has started services again in 2023.  
A thriving community

2,000+ Students & Counting

Laurie is an independent provider.  She is a licensed NYS massage therapists who specializes in clinical treatments at her private practice.  Laurie works with Veterans at her practice and volunteers for our program at special events.
Kim is a massage therapist and continuing education provider.  She has extensive knowledge and skills in women's medicine, trauma, pediatrics, infants, and Veterans.  She has volunteered her time and services to HHIA as a teaching assistant and service provider.   Kim is the 2020 AMTA NY Humanitarian Award recipient.
Cindy is a massage therapist and volunteer for Clear Path for Veterans.  She has served as the HHIA program's clinical coordinator and event manager.  She is also a teaching assistant for HHIA.  Cindy is the 2020 AMTA NY Kristen Sykora Award Recipient. She is honored for the countless volunteer hours of volunteerism provided to Veterans.

Warrior Hands

An annual massage therapy immersion CE program in Syracuse, New York provided by our CE program and hosted by Clear Path for Veterans.  Classes are free for Veteran massage therapists.  Civilian massage therapists are welcome to participate. 

Frequently asked questions

What can you offer that I cannot acquire from other programs?

Our CE curriculum uses hospital-based model, derived from many hours and years of experience at area hospitals, outpatient clinics, and community health events.   Topics support various patient populations.  Content is drafted by direct clinical experience, student feedback, advisement from allied health providers, and/or research.  

Our community health programs are based on real world experiences and designed for the typical person.  They are intended to be informative and achievable. 

Who pays for Warrior Hands Veteran Massage Therapists' participation?

For the Warrior Hands classes, Nicole Miller donates the entire class instruction and receives no payments for her instructional services.  Clear Path for Veterans donates their facilities and employee participation.  Civilian massage therapists who attend the class are charged typical class fees.  The money raised from their fees covers costs of materials, etc.  Left over funds are dedicated to Clear Path's family wellness programming.

Who receives funds received from Online Classes?
Online & Webinar classes are created by Nicole Miller or other instructors.  Nicole Miller and her husband Mark Miller have pledged to support Clear Path for Veterans, other Veteran service organizations (VSOs), and civilian programs such as Crouse Health Foundation.  Funds raised will be helped to support dog training for Veterans, massage for Veterans/caregivers, civilian service organizations such as David's Refuge, and massage for civilian hospital patients. 

How do Live-Study classes support Compassion Projects?
The project includes cooperation and generosity provided by participants.  Clear Path for Veterans provides facilities for classes.  They also provide some instruction for onsite live classes.  Crouse Health provides facilities, program over site, content design, and community engagement.  

We offer a number of different learning paths, which you are invited to read and choose the one that better meets your needs. However if you need any advice or clarifications, we are at your disposal at any time.
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