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We provide in-person classes, events, & presentations intended to help others help themselves.  We uphold the importance of self-empowerment and self-navigation of a wellness journey.  Our program plants seeds of knowledge and equips participants with skills and post presentation tools to cultivate their wellness.  
  • Be The Redwoods
    Core Education 
  • Organized Strategies
  • Evidence-Based Information
  • Realistic Objective Planning
  • Proficient Instructors
  • Engaging & interesting learning
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Trees provide to us an example of durable model of care that includes resilience, self-care, and growth.  Like the trees, we are all unique, yet connections to learning and to others will help us grow too.  
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Be The Redwoods
Wellness Classes

Be the Redwoods is our core live presentation and consists of a primary wellness class and supplemental series topics based on various wellness topics.  Content is designed to motivate participants to navigate their own journeys while equipped with skills and resources to help themselves.  Content and learning uses an Integrative Care Model designed to complement participants' current health care journey.  

Participants of various life experiences have indicated highly enthusiastic feedback and program reflections.  Past events include Women's Wellness events, caregiver events, Veterans family events, breast cancer survivor support groups, employee events, and more.  

Wellness topics include:
  • Contemplative Therapies
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bodywork
  • Bullet Journaling
  • Movement
  • Express Yourself
  • Other topics specific for your event

Compassion Fatigue. | Resilience. | Self-Care. | Growth.

We get it and we help others get it too.  Along with teaching, we provide massage therapy care for employees, support group members, and more. 
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