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   Professional Integrative Health Education   

Live & Distance Learning Continuing Education Classes

We currently offer live student CE courses and have been recently approved for webinar classes which will begin in summer of 2023.  Our current CE programs include:
  • Hands & Hearts in Action: Massage for U.S. Veterans
  • Massage for the Perinatal Patient
  • Massage for Those Living with Obesity
  • Supplemental CE classes

Educational Partners and Hosts Connection

We provide CE classes, guest lectures, & presentations for AMTA State Chapters, massage education programs, nursing associations, and other education collaborators.   Feel free to connect so we can chat.

Massage Student Connection

We'd love to connect with massage therapy students!  Our Connect with a Clinician web chat sessions with Nicole Miller focus on clinical massage.  These are free and intended to inspire & inform future clinicians.  Limited spots available.

Continuing education for massage & physical therapists

Crouse Health and Nicole Miller created a continuing education program in 2012, offering CE classes to massage therapists & physical therapists.  Our classes include instruction from professionals such as Dr. Kelly Meyers and Ann Canastra, M.S.W.  After taking a COVID pause, we are now resuming our Veterans, perinatal, and other clinical based education classes.  Our CE program is approved by NCBTMB (massage therapy) and New York State Office of Professions (physical therapy).

Continuing education for other allied health professions. 

Allied professionals that attend and complete our classes and requirements, will receive a Certificate of Attendance, rather than a CE Certificate.    Allied Health professionals included acupuncturists, nurses, integrative health providers, and more.  You are encouraged to research class eligibility for CE requirements as identified by your authorized CE governing body (state, professional organization, etc.).   We strongly recommend you seek prior approval before attending the class. 

Professional Education for Integrative Health professionals

Integrative Health providers that do not require CEs are welcome to attend or take appropriate program classes.  Please contact us to determine if you are eligible to attend.  After you attend and complete the class you will receive a Certificate of Attendance, rather than a CE certificate.

Examples include the Suicide Awareness class we offered to local providers a few years ago.  

Post-Class Support & Connections for Professional Participants

We offer support via various platforms including social media, newsletters, and on line community learning platform.   

Any professional education student past or present, is eligible to participate in our on-line Integrative Health Care Provider Community, of which we provide additional information and support that correlates with learning and material presented in class.  

We also host experiential based community learning experiences, connecting providers to patients in the community.

Our Massage Therapy Education Programs

The Massage CE Education Program our Hands & Hearts in Action and You Are Not Along community projects as well as programs for other patient populations.   Projects include CE classes for providers, community based learning experiences, and outreach initiatives.   Programs include population-specific classes & learning.


AMTA Illinois
March 25 - 26, 2023

Clinical Massage Therapy Methods & Techniques for the Veteran Patient 16 CEs

AMTA New York
May 5 - 7, 2023

CE Classes focusing on Clinical Massage and specific patient populations

CE Immersion Class

Classes include Clinical Massage Therapy Methods & Techniques for the Veteran Patient 16 CEs & Invisible Service Wounds 16 CEs Class.  This probram will be held at Clear Path for Veterans and is for both Veteran and civilian massage therapists  

Clear Path For Veterans
April 29, 2023

Women's education event focusing on all areas of health & wellness.
Be The RedWoods: Seminar 

Clear Path for Veterans May 12, 2023

Parrt of the Be the Redwoods Series, this class focuses on Introduction to Aromatherapy.  

Clear Path for Veterans June 9, 2023

Part 3 of the Be the Redwoods Series, this class focuses on Contemplative Therapies

Current Distance Learning Classes

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