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Birds of a Feather: Citizen Science Journey Project 

The Birds of a Feather Project is a Citizen Science initiative that invites kids,  youth, and adults of all ages and all locations to participate.  Originally created by necessity as an online project in 2020 during COVID, it expanded and was made accessible to anyone interested in Citizen Science or ornithology.  We hope you join the project and the Global effort!
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What's included?

  • 6 Sections
  • Videos 
  • 10 Questions
  • 1 Completion Certificate
  • Support Lists for Leaders

Project Purpose

This online class and project serves as a guide for a Citizen Science project in support of Global Big Day and World Migration Day - May 11, 2024.   Major topics include women leaders in science, scientific methods, most common birds, migration, and ornithology. 

NOTE: we recommend the completion of this online class (contents, videos, etc.) constitutes the CS badge.  Participating in observation and/or reporting constitutes a CS Journey.  


This is a free, indepdent study class as part of an awareness effort.  Participants can participate as a group or individually.  

Course Lessons
Note: The time below represents time spent on this site.  It does not include time spent while viewing linked videos.  Please plan accordingly.

Meet the instructor

Nicole Miller, M.S., L.M.T.

As a community health educator and Girl Scout mom, Nicole loves to connect, learn, and relay.  She credits her project collaborators including Katie Feulner, Laura Drachenberg, and Amanda Fosbert who are also Central New York Girl Scout Leaders.  Collectively, they helped develop the original class and project in 2020.  
Patrick Jones - Course author
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