Animal Helpers

  • Author: Nicole Miller
  • Level: Youth
    Cost: $0
  • Study time: 1-2 hours
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Course overview
Animals help humans in many ways, whether as companions, working animals, or service animals. Learn more about them and how we can show our respect for their work.   Note: this program is designed for Girl Scouts Animal Helpers Badge and is available for use by any youth organization leader, teacher, or similar role.   The objectives of this program, as identified by the Girl Scouts are;

  • Explore the connection between humans and animals, 
  • Find out how animals help keep people safe, 
  • Know how animals help people emotionally, 
  • Check out how animals help people with disabilities, and
  • Look at how animals might help us in the future. 
  • Video time: 1+ hours
  • Assessment: Optional

What's included?

  • Text and information about the ways animals help humans
  • Links to stories and programs that work with animals.
  • Recommendations for Girl Scout Cadettes.
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Guidance for future work or projects.
Purpose : To expose youth and youth organizations to the importance of animals, potential for future service projects, and future career endeavors.  We also hope to use this as an opportunity to raise awareness for our local Veteran's Service Organization: Clear Path for Veterans.
GIRL SCOUT LEADERS: You are welcome to participate in this program as a group, or assign it as a home project to your Troop Members.   In 2020 we asked our Council, NY Penn Pathways, to review it to determine if it met the badge requirements.  They approved it for the badge.  Simply have your girls view the entire class and video features.  At the end they are assigned a project to submit to you.  Check it out to learn more.


All content included has been provided by field experts, research, and dependable sources.  

We welcome your feedback regarding any needs for content updates or changes. 

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Troop 10848

Katie Feulner and Nicole Miller work in education and professional development.  They are also Girl Scout Troop Leaders and moms.   In March of 2020, when schools and activities shut down due to Covid, they collaborated and developed this class to support their Troop's Badge Achievements.  While doing so, they decided to create the program electronically so that it can be shared with other Girl Scout Troops and organizations.  They are thankful for the participation of local VSO Clear Path for Veterans and the advisement/editing from Troop Leaders  Amanda Fosbert of Troop 60994 and Laura Drachenburg of Troop 10520.
Patrick Jones - Course author
This class is part of the ConnectED Roots education initiative.  Connected Roots is an education program designed to provide continuous education about health, wellness, and more.  More to come...we are glad you joined us!
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